hangtime is a 2 person group from Socorro, New Mexico and Seattle, WA. 

hangtime’s most recent studio release, "Lights Out," serves as a testament to their artistic prowess and showcases their ability to seamlessly navigate through various musical styles while maintaining a unique and unmistakable sound.

"Lights Out" stands as a mesmerizing work of art, drawing inspiration from some of the best modern electronic influences while infusing it with a dynamic edge. The album takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey, filled with lush textures, pulsating beats, and dark industrial backdrops that create an immersive musical experience. hangtime's attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship is evident on “Lights Out,” as they skillfully merge intricate layers of sound, resulting in a rich and captivating sonic tapestry.

The songs are quite experimental, offering a heavier sound that is reminiscent of iconic artists such as Aphex Twin, as well as The Chemical Brothers and earlier Prodigy, only to mention a few. Still, hangtime definitely developed their distinctive twist and this release is a perfect example of that.

For fans of electronic music, especially those who appreciate a blend of lush and punchy soundscapes with a melodic backdrop, "Lights Out" is an absolute must-listen. This new studio work encapsulates the essence of hangtime’s electronic production chops and provides an immersive experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

Discover hangtime's remarkable artistry and immerse yourself in the sonic landscape of "Lights Out.”